Exploring Faith

Our goal is to develop a library of information which not only answers questions, but also helps us to think about the questions we are asking. Why are we asking, and what are the presuppositions around the questions? We would like to suggest that to truly find answers we need to first of all look at the question and assess if the stated question actually answers the quest. For example, the question “How can there be only one way to God, when there are so many religions?” is really challenging the proposition of way/ways to God. Maybe to really answer the question “How does one get to God?” we could ask “Who has made a way or claimed to be the way?” Evaluating the question helps us to take it away from a subjective premise to an objective point of view. Secondly, questions need to be answered from more than just one perspective. For example, rather than using only scientific, theological or philosophical perspectives to look at answering a question, we will include those perspectives and also moral and anthropological perspectives to give us a more thorough understanding of the topic being discussed. We will place here links to lectures, debates, Q & A sessions, books and articles categorized by question/topic. If you have questions or would like to talk about these issues with someone, please feel free to email us at office@mapleridge.net


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