Welcome to Maple Ridge Community Center!

Maple Ridge is a multi-purpose space for education, counseling, recreation and worship. We provide a much needed space where the community can benefit in practical, emotional, spiritual and recreational ways. Our facility includes:

  • Meeting space for local groups
  • Recreation place for entire families
  • Outdoor play area for children
  • Indoor Tennis Courts Building Frontafter
  • A place to connect students from around the world
  • Place for gathering of spiritual seekers and worship.

Every week more than 400 individuals use the Community Center for a variety of groups including the Scouts, home school groups, theater groups and many more.

If you’d like to learn more or your group would like to use the space, please contact us:

E-mail: office@mapleridge.net

Tel: 413-549-4949.

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There are two indoor tennis courts. These are used for youth tennis development, group and individual tennis lessons, USTA matches and recreational play.

For tennis, please contact: Mike Kolendo @ 413 374 9738