Our Mission


We will be better together. We will be better “living the call together


We will be outwardly focused. We will join in making disciples of all nations.


We will learn and teach. We will follow Jesus’ way of making disciples


We will listen first, then act. We will make all decisions through prayer

The Full Version

We envision a welcoming and growing community of people from diverse backgrounds on a spiritual journey together. We see lives being transformed as people encounter Christ’s love, grace and hope, finding a new identity, purpose, freedom and a fulfilling life in Christ. We see a culture of learning, where people who know Christ are actively involved in helping others on their journey becoming followers of Christ.

We envision an authentic community, developing real and transparent relationships, genuinely loving, encouraging and supporting one another. We see a safe place where people desire to gather to share their pains, struggles and needs; where the hurting experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing; and where broken relationships are reconciled and families thrive.

We envision a community of people living outwardly focused lives, loving people from all backgrounds, and caring for the needs of people locally and globally. We see people from all walks of life and belief’s getting together discussing and learning on topics of existence of God, the origin and purpose of mankind, morality, destiny and world views etc. We see people learning and becoming seekers of truth; with many becoming transformed by coming to know and follow Christ.

We envision the young people learning and being mentored in all of the above. We see them encountering Christ in age-appropriate fun and inspiring ways in a safe environment. We see the young people inspired by God’s love to serve others in practical ways and share their faith, inviting others to encounter the love, grace and hope of Christ.

We envision the phrase “pray first, pray always” becoming a practice and life-style for individuals, families and the local church. We see people learning and growing in discernment and experience of dialogue in prayer with God, where time is set aside for worship and prayer regularly. We see large groups of people getting together to connect with each other and pray weekly, honoring God in worship, listening to His leading and praying for one another.

Core Values


Judgment of what is important in life.

Christ’s Lordship

Jesus Christ has all authority and is to be given all glory. John 5:19-20

Christ’s Working

Our total dependence and reliance is on Jesus Christ. Zechariah 4:6

Christ’s Body

Reflecting Jesus’ passion for his church through love and unity is our calling. Ephesians 4:1-5

Our Team

Maple Ridge is led but amazing Godly people who want to help grow His church and further the Gospel. Some work full time and are always around to help.

Sanjoy M.

SanJoy M.

Senior Pastor

Josh W.

Josh and Jess W.

Worship and Administration

Andrew T.

Andrew T.





Pam T.

Pam T.

Crossroads Kids

Jessica W.

John W

Youth Leadership

Ryan M.

Youth Leadership

Want to worship with us?

We would love to have you. If there are any questions we can answer for you or you aren't quite sure about what to expect, just shoot us a contact and we will get back to you.